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John Marsh


John Marsh lives and works in Tobermory making chandeliers and other articles from horn and antlers, he exports worldwide these exclusive and bespoke products.  Chandeliers are individually created from naturally cast red deer antlers.  Casting is a natural process, the deer drop and regrow their antlers every year and they are collected and selected for various uses. 



Sarah Darling

Sarah has lived in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull for approximately  eight years and runs a B & B with her husband Mike and daughter Ruth.

She has been taking photographs for over 30 years and is interested in a wide range of photography.

In the last couple of years she has been exploring and developing a more abstract interpretation of this beautiful island, with its wonderfully varied light and landscape, using shape, colour and texture.

Naomi Marsh

Naomi has lived  in Tobermory nearly all her life arriving here when she was just 10 months old. She attended Tobermory  High School.

She has always been artistic and creative and enjoys making jewellery and shell related crafts,  recently Naomi has been making candles and loves to  experiment with unusual designs.

Helen Mortley

Helen is a printmaker and painter working from her home, Frachadil,  near Calgary.  She is inspired by Mull, its landscape, wildlife and flora.

Helen often paints on wood with gouache and goldleaf, the panels housed in glass fronted boxes.  Feathers, fish and birds' eggs are favourite subjects. 

Most of her work is exhibited on the island.  She tries to have a couple of shows a year and has exhibited throughout Scotland.  A Christmas show held every other year at Frachadil is very popular.

Gill Govan

Gill Govan has a glass workshop in Tobermory, where she hand cuts, casts, paints and fuses glass. She uses a mixture of Cathedral, Bullseye and Dicrhoic glass and creates jewellery, as well as home furnishings, from door knobs to chandeliers. All the pieces are handmade and shaped, fusing the glass in a specialist kiln and due to the processes used in manufacture no two pieces are ever quite the same. Gill also designs and makes ratchet hooked wool rugs.

Dichroic glass was originally developed for the space industry. For use by NASA.  Thin layers of rare metallic oxides are vaporized and deposited on the surface of the glass, in a high temperature, vacuum furnace.  These coatings transmit certain wavelengths of light while reflecting others, which provides the varied and often dramatic colour changes.

Dawn Reade

Dawn Reade is a printmaker working predominately in linocut. While the majority of her work is in monochrome, Dawn has been introducing colour to her work more recently. Inspiration for the work comes largely from the places and people she encounters both on Mull and further afield. Dawn likes to interpret landscapes with a quirky sense of perspective, and often includes people or animals within the scene.

Dawn also makes jewellery and exhibits work at An Tobar, Tobermory, The Carthouse Gallery, Calgary Hotel, The Steadings Gallery, Glengorm, The Castle Galley, Inverness. 

Dawn was born in Belfast in 1972, and moved to Mull after graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 1994. In 1999 Dawn took a short course in relief printmaking at Edinburgh College of Art. Having developed the craft over the years since then, Dawn has had her work selected for exhibition at the ‘Originals’ printmaking exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London, and has illustrated two books by Guy Grieve.

Nick Holmes

Nick Holmes makes colour photographs of atmospheric landscapes and seascapes of the Isle of Mull, and detailed studies of the ever-changing interface between land and water - streams and pools; beaches and shores. His work is available in selected retail outlets and by mail order - he is also available for location commissions. 

Nick is a self-taught photographer living on Mull since 1979. He has exhibited in Europe and the UK most recently at the Mussel Inn Gallery, Glasgow with his work 'Sea Margins', and at AN TOBAR, Tobermory with the exhibition 'Signs of a Life', documenting the site and contents of a traditional crofting steadings before demolition. He was selected as an artist-in-residence at the Rocky Mountains National Park in Colorado in 2009 where he make work and produced a photo-documentary presentation about Isabella Bird. He was also the official photographer for the Tobermory Centenary of Isabella Bird and official photographer for the Pittenweem Arts Festival 2006. He was recipient of a Glennfiddich 'Living in Scotland' Award for Mull: From Past to Present for the Future' in 1987

Birds & Beasties
ceramics by Ingrid van Donselaar

I was born in Amsterdam and, some seventeen years ago, travelled to Mull to settle down with John.  Before we moved here I made fantasy figures (gnomes, wizards and hags) that sold in shops, galleries, and at specialist craft fairs.

Once I reached Mull, I soon realised that the birds and beasties were my real passion. These pieces are made with a smooth earthenware clay - smooth to be able to get the detail - earthenware to be able to have bright colours (firing to higher temperatures means you can use only 'earthy' or pale colours).

Unfortunately, earthenware clays will not withstand frosts, so please be nice to your birds and beasties, and don't leave them outside in the winter.

No moulds are used in the making of these pieces, which are all individually hand crafted.  Even the same species will not be the same animal, with small differences between every piece - just like real life.  This means they do take more time to make, and more time to glaze, but I think they are worth it.

The Elusive Light
photographs by John Cable

I first started taking photographs fifty years ago.  Soon afterwards I began developing and processing my own films - in black and white of course.  I attempted processing colour prints, but found it more complicated than I had the time or the patience for, and so moved onto transparencies.  At one time I was producing tape-slide shows with music, but then the whole process became too expensive.  Only when digital cameras became more readily available - about eight years ago - did I take up my hobby again.

I have a Fuji Finepix 9600 camera with which many of  my pictures are taken.  However, I now always carry a Panansonic Lumix TZ4, so more and more pictures are taken with this verstile little camera.  All my photographs are printed at home on an Epson Stylus Photo R1800 A3 sized printer onto Epson Premium Glossy or Semigloss paper, with Epson Ultrachrome high gloss inks.

All photographs rely on light to exist.  The best ones have that extra 'sparkle'.  While collecting pictures for one reason or another, I find myself, literally, "Chasing the Light" as the sun goes down behind the hill, or around the corner.  Obtaining the right picture often means being in the right place at the right time - with the right weather - not always an easy task on Mull.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed finding these images, and I hope you enjoy them too.


Debbie Jones

Georgia O'Neill

Georgia graduated from Grays School of Art in Aberdeen with a Masters degree in printmaking.  She works mostly with lino relief prints, incorporating Chine Collé collage.  Her greeting card designs are reproductions of original lino prints and pencil drawings, they are printed using solid ink technology which is more environmentally friendly than regular inkjet or laser printing - the ink is non-toxic and requires no cartridges.

Her handbags and textiles are handmade from recycled materials and vintage fabrics.  Bespoke bags can be ordered directly from the artist using fabrics of your choice.  Also, animal portraits can be commissioned.

Georgia moved to Mull in 1989 and lives near Dervaig.  She works as a website and graphic designer.

Anna Mockford

I have lived on Mull for the past 10 years running a photographic business, with my partner, which takes us all over the world. When home I make items from natural fabrics, salvaged & felted holey jumpers, vintage linens and materials sourced on my travels. I love to re-use fabrics and give them a second life.

Like many people I was taught to sew by my mother and have always enjoyed making and working with fabrics.

My designs of simple motifs on everyday objects are intended to reflect both usefulness and decoration. Practical can be pretty.

Rosalind Reid

Rosalind Reid's work covers aspects of drawing, painting, illustration and lino cuts. Her subject matter includes landscpae , still life and portraits amongst others. Commissions for work are welcome (outcome negotiable).

Rosalind studied at Edinburgh College of Art and Moray House College of Education. She has also completed a BA(hons) in History of Modern Art, Design and Film and an MA Film Studies.  Rosalind lives in Tobermory

Margo Bryce


Contact details:  John Marsh, Baliscate House, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Argyll, PA75 6QA
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